Blessed 2017!

I launched Theogenic Photography this summer and am so blessed to be able to have business in such a competitive market and industry right off the bet. I have done family photos, kids and newborn, pregnancy/maternity photos, girls outdoor natural light portraits, guys outdoor natural light portraits, indoor studio shoots for LinkedIn profiles, etc. It certainly takes time to grow in terms of client base, equipment inventory, as well as photography and touchup skills, but I feel I had achieved my 2017 goals: I have a simple design website running categorizing all my portfolios, I have social media setup for showcasing my work, I have clients talking to me on photoshoot ideas, I have almost all the equipment purchased and tested to better serve and enhance my shoots, I am renovating a studio space now for more creative indoor shoots, I am planning to gear up for producing more content on my Youtube channel, etc.

I hope I can grow with you all, and you can be inspired by me as well.

–Theorina Li, on Christmas Day, 2017


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