Theorina and her team are fantastic! Outside of the billing hours, they attended our rehearsal for free. Throughout the rehearsal, she was planning the shot, and gave our suggestions on where to look and stand in order not to block some of the angles. Super helpful! On our wedding day, they arrived very early to set up and started with the ring shots and video the venue. Most of the time, she just let us be ourselves, but also, she gave us instructions on how to pose and described her vision of the photos which made me easy to understand the angle she wants. Thank her and her team that I can consider my wedding photos and videos are being taken care! So I can worry about other stuff on the day! Also, we received our pre-edited photos the second day and to choose the ones we want more touchup. We got to share the edited photos with my family and guests within a week! Videos came a bit later and looks great! We highly recommend Theogenic Photography for their photography and videography services!