Five Things You Need to Know Before Signing Up for TopBuzz

April 23, 2018 Tips

Should I sign up for TopBuzz? Here are five things you need to know before getting onboard! I am a portraiture/fashion and event photographer. My video channel is designed to showcase short videos of photoshoots I shot, as well as events I got involved. TopBuzz reached out to me and invited me to monetize my content on their platform. I checked out their main app – TopBuzz – and the BuzzVideo app, and was surprised at the fact that thisRead More

Theogenic Portraits – Charlene: Tree Genie

March 28, 2018 Portrait

Theogenic Photography Portraits – I want to be a tree genie, then I won’t feel lonely without the blossom of flowers. Photographer: Theorina From Photographer: I am so happy that I was able to inspire Charlene to pose like this. She is a beauty, a mom, a wife, but she was never a model. As a photographer, the communication part is essential, how you can get your clients excited, how you can inspire them to pose in a way that they normallyRead More

Frost Morning

January 9, 2018 Nature

01/09/2018 Morning, Maryland, frost, sunshine, branches 2018.01.09 早 • 马里兰 • 霜冻 • 朝阳 • 枯枝 Frosting is special. I love the combination of the hot sun and cold frost crawling up on the plants. But also love Black & White in this vibrant moment.