Theogenic Portraits – Charlene: Tree Genie

Theogenic Photography Portraits – I want to be a tree genie, then I won’t feel lonely without the blossom of flowers.

Photographer: Theorina

From Photographer: I am so happy that I was able to inspire Charlene to pose like this. She is a beauty, a mom, a wife, but she was never a model. As a photographer, the communication part is essential, how you can get your clients excited, how you can inspire them to pose in a way that they normally wouldn’t position but can achieve incredible results. I am progressing as a photographer, and I hope after each session, I can get a handful of images that I can tell a story out of each.

【囍奥甄霓Theogenic Photography摄影】人像篇之Charlene:只想做一只棵树的精灵,没有花朵的陪伴也不会寂寞。


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